Art Radar – June 24 – 30

Tuesday June 25

Opus Affair June
When: June 25, 6 – 9pm, RSVP needed
Location: The Sinclair, 52 Church St, Cambridge, MA

Wednesday June 26

Brookline Booksmith presents: Abelardo Morell in conversation with Elizabeth Siegel
When: June 26, 6pm, Tickets here for $5
Location: Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline MA

Urban Landscape Night: Guest Host Phillip Jones
When: June 26, 6 – 8pm
Location: Photographic Resource Center, 832 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

When: June 26, 7 – 9pm, free
Location: Boston University, Kenmore Classroom Building, Room 101, 565 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Composite Landscapes: Photomontage and Landscape Architecture
When: Opening June 26, 6:30pm
Location: Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, 280 The Fenway, Boston MA

Thursday June 27

Soviet Restaurant Polaroids
When: Opening June 27, 6 – 8pm
Location: Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton St., Belmont, MA

ART TALKS: Valeska Soares
When: June 27, 7 – 9pm, free
Location: Boston University, Kenmore Classroom Building, Room 101, 565 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Friday June 28

Basic Ingredients of a Complex World: Matthew Gamber + Harold “Doc” Edgerton
When: Opening June 28, 5:30 – 8pm, Up June 28 – Aug 10
Location: Gallery Kayafas, 450 Harrison Avenue Suite 37, Boston, MA

Art Institute of Boston MFA Grad Exhibitions
When: Opening June 28, 8-9:30pm
Location: University Hall Gallery, 1815 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge , MA

Caitlin Dunnebier, Journey to Candied Mountain Kristin Texeira, Memory Lane
When: June 28, 7 – 10pm
Location: Lincoln Arts Project, 289 Moody Street, Waltham, MA

Saturday June 29

Art Institute of Boston MFA Grad Exhibitions
When: Opening June 29, 8 – 10pm
Location: Main Gallery, 700 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

The Foundry Equation: Solution Set – An Art Initiative and Open House – June 22nd

A string installation by New American Public Art

A string installation by New American Public Art

The Foundry building has been sitting empty and the time has come for the City of Cambridge to decide its new use. This past Saturday, the City allowed local artists to hold an event to explore the possibility of using the Foundry as a public art space rather than selling it to a commercial buyer. The event offered the chance for local artists to show the city what they can offer and the crowd they can pull in, while also allowing fellow artists and community members to see the space being discussed and sign a petition to the city in favor of maintaing the building as a public art space.

I dashed over to The Foundry over my 1/2 lunch break from work down the street so I couldn’t stay long, but I was impressed by what I saw. Art Groups and Artists from accross Boston including The Lilypad, The Hallway Gallery, The Blanc Gallery, Voltage Coffee, and many more joined together to make the event happen in less than a week. Music and art filled the expansive central space and transformed the outer offices into galleries.

"On the Floor and Dreaming" by Jess Anderson

“On the Floor and Dreaming”
by Jess Anderson

I especially enjoyed the way Jess Anderson’s sculptural installation repurposed a former office space.

"Mecomorph" by Victor Genel

“Mecomorph” by Victor Genel

Victor Genel‘s sculture was created completely from folded business cards.

The Foundry Equation had an air of excitement and potential throughout  – a 10,000 sq ft public art space in the heart of Cambridge would be exciting indeed.

Learn more about the Foundry Equation here and sign the petition here.

Art Radar – June 17 – 23

Sorry Art Radar is late this week I’ve been sick 🙁

Wednesday June 19

Performance Art: Pedro Reyes
When: June 19, 7 – 8pm
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA

 Thursday June 20

The New Americans: Photographs by Jill Enfield
When: June 20, 6 – 7:30pm
Location: The Griffin Museum at Stoneham Theater, 395 Main Street in Stoneham, MA

Raquel Paiewonsky: im propia
When: June 20, 5 – 9pm
Location: Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley Street #5, Providence, RI

PAN at Anthony Greaney
When: June 20, 5 – 7pm
Location: Anthony Greaney Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, No. 1, Boston MA.

First night of PAN_ACT Boston
When: June 23, 7:30pm, ticketed event

Friday June 21

Artist Talk with artist Ian Deleón and curator Anabel Vázquez on the exhibition Cuba + Puerto Rico | Invitación a Volar
When: June 21, 6 – 8pm
Location: La Galería at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, 85 W. Newton St, Boston, MA

Summer 2013 Reveal at The Hallway Gallery
When: June 21, 7 – 10pm
Location: The Hallway Gallery, 66a South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Sunday June 23

Second night of PAN_ACT Boston
When: June 23, 7:30pm, ticketed event


SPEED – A Mobius Performance Party and Fundraiser Event – June 15

Mobius held a performance art extravaganza at Studio Soto this past Saturday – lasting from 7-11:30pm and featuring 21 different performances, SPEED was quite the event. Despite its long duration, I was captivated from beginning to end. The performances were polished and the transitions between them were smooth and orchestrated down to the minute, such that every time one came to an end the audience had to spin around to locate the next performance. I was impressed with the high level of audience participation throughout the evening, whether in the form of needing to move around the shifting performance area or being directly engaged by the artist in the performance itself.

Kaethe Hostetter performing

Kaethe Hostetter

Karthe Hostetter bewitched her audience with electric looping violin and dramatic lighting.

Tom and Ryan treating an audience member a "trombone sandwich"

Tom and Ryan treating an audience member a “trombone sandwich”

Trombonists Tom and Ryan offered “trombone sandwiches” to eager volunteers. Although a few lucky audience members received their own personal ear concerts, the rest of us got to watch as their expressions shifted from wary to surprised to gleeful, even the most unsure participant soon unable to hold back grins and giggles.

Andry Dance moved almost too fast to photograph

Andary Dance moved almost too fast to photograph

Andary Dance wound in and around onlookers, combining speed, interpretive dance, and incredible precision.

Jimena Bermejo-Black performing

Jimena Bermejo-Black

Jimena Bermejo-Black proved that performance doesn’t require polished speech. Her impersonal and confessional dialogue and utmost trust in her audience drew us in as she performed her midlife crisis blindfolded, wrapped in bubble wrap, and to the tune of a song selected by an audience member.

Left: Jessica Borusky, Right: Liz Roncka and Jason Sanford

Left: Jessica Borusky, Right: Liz Roncka and Jason Sanford

Jessica Borusky never fails to impress, using her impeccable sense of timing and personal rhythm to explore the fidgety agony of waiting, the explosion that happens when someone snaps, and finally, with over 100 “I’m sorry”-ies, a failed attempt to re-conform to polite expectations. Jason Sanford DJed as Liz Roncka dance/twitch/exercised, displaying incredible muscle control with an intensity that made all my muscles tighten up just watching.

Left: Kirk Amaral Snow, Right: Sara June and Max Lord

Left: Kirk Amaral Snow, Right: Sara June and Max Lord

Kirk Amaral Snow showed strength and commitment as he transformed his legs into feet of sand. Sara June took on the persona of the Fastest Woman on Earth.

Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez

Towards the end of the evening, Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez performed a slow dance that was one of the few performances of the evening that did not break the fourth wall and maintained an air of the theatrical throughout. Deleón’s solo show, Cuba + Puerto Rico: Invitación a Volar, (which I wrote about previously here) is still on view at La Galería through June 21st.

Moments from the many performances have kept popping into my head over the past couple days as I work to process them all. With both faces I knew and loved and new artists I now plan to look out for, SPEED was an evening to remember and a testament to Boston’s thriving performance art scene.

Art Radar – June 10 – 16

Thursday June 13

When: Thursday June 13, 7-9pm
Location: Mobius, 55 Norfolk St, Cambridge, MA

Nature’s Portraits: Paintings by Helen Cohen
When: Opening June 14, 6-8pm. On view June 13 – 14.
Location: Uforge Gallery, 767 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Christopher Cavallero
When: Opening June 13, 6-8. On view June 13-29.
Location: Grossman Gallery, SMFA, 230 The Fenway, Boston, MA

Opening Reception at the Griffin Museum of Photography
When: Opening June 13, 7 pm
Location: Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Rd, Winchester, MA

Friday June 14

When: Opening June 14, On View June 14 – July 28
Location: Boston Cyberarts Gallery, 141 Green St, Jamaica Plain, MA (In the Green St T Station)

WORK OUT: New outdoor commissions
When: June 15 – Oct 6
Location: The deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, 51 Sandy Pond Rd, Lincoln, MA

Through the Listening Glass: A Concert by the MIT Glass Band
When: June 14, 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15 pm
Location: MIT Museum, Building N51, 265 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

Saturday June 15

SPEED – Performance, Party, Fundraiser
When: June 15, 7 pm, $20 donation
Location: Studio Soto10 Channel Center St, Boston, Massachusetts

Screening of “Painters Painting”
When: June 15, 2 pm, free
Location: MIT, 20 Ames Street, Bartos Theatre, E15, Cambridge, MA

Deadline! for submitting to Carousel (formerly All Visual Boston Slideshow) – Photography

Deadline! for submitting to Incandescent Zine – Color Film only

We Are Family @ The Darkroom Gallery – May 30 – June 23

I left work early on Friday to drive up to Essex Junction, VT for the Artists’ Reception of We Are Family at the Darkroom Gallery. I decided to apply to the show back in April because it was being juried by Chris Verene, a favorite photographer of mine. I enjoyed seeing what Verene chose to represent the theme of family and was honored to be chosen, when his own photographs of his family are so distinctive.

Me with my photo "The Reading Room" at the Darkroom Gallery

Me with my photo “The Reading Room” at the Darkroom Gallery

My favorite photos in the show were the ones that took everyday moments and combined them with a sort of surreal elegance.

"Bliss Boys 1" by Denise Trotier Johnson

“Bliss Boys 1” by Denise Trotier Johnson


"Cousins" by Tytia Habing

“Cousins” by Tytia Habing

"Morning Boys" by Patricia de Ocio Dudley

“Morning Boys” by Patricia de Ocio Dudley

If you find yourself in Vermont, you should definitely check out the show, up till the 23rd.

South Boston Open Studios @ The Distillery – June 2

Sunday was hot hot, but I was able to enjoy South Boston Open Studios at The Distillery by taking it slow to take in all the cool art.

The Distillery is a unique space – a historic brewery converted into artist work and live/work spaces. It was strange and wonderful to walk through closets and living rooms and emerge in studios filled with art.

A few painters that stood out were:

Painting by Nick Ward

Painting by Nick Ward

Painting by Cassandra Long

Painting by Cassandra Long


Painting by Khaldoun Hijazin

With her spacious studio hall, the sculptor Joyce McDaniel seemed to be a bit of an outlier in the Distillery, but in the best way possible. Her elegant sculptures soared above visitors heads, immense without being ungainly, their layered-paper construction giving them a sense of lightness.

Joyce McDaniel's studio

Joyce McDaniel’s studio

Of all the work I saw on Sunday, it was Derek Hoffend‘s sound sculptures that truly made me stop and pay attention. Hoffend has previously taught in the Museum School’s Sound department and has a background in electrical engineering, but has studied sound design and sound architecture extensively. Upon entering Hoffend’s studio, visitors were greeted by a pleasant drone-hum coming from the sculpture’s speakers. Hoffend draws his sound samples from sources such as brain-wave tones and notes associated with yoga chakras, these tones then create live and constantly changing music based on a set algorithm.

A geodesic sounds sculpture installed in Derek Hoffend's studio.

A geodesic sounds sculpture installed in Derek Hoffend’s studio.

Hoffend’s sculptures combine geometry, sound design, sacred forms, and healing energy. In a less capable artist’s hands, the outcome could have been hokey or “new-age”, but Hoffend is so sincere and thoughtful in his execution that his sculptures feel like true instruments of healing. Hoffend’s sculptures are polished and professional – healing involves a great deal of trust, and I felt no hesitation when climbing into the sculpture.

Lying inside the sound dome.

Lying inside the sound dome.

I have a chronic pain condition, so I’ve spent a good amount of time investigating non-traditional healing methods, and while I wasn’t expecting to find one at the Distillery, I was open to the experience. Lying inside the sculpture was incredibly calming and peaceful. The mattress base lay on a second lower ring of speakers, which emitted low frequency vibrations that felt wonderful on my spine. Although I only stayed inside the sculpture for around five minutes since others were passing through, it was hard to leave!

Inside the "Incubator" sound sculpture.

Inside the “Incubator” sound sculpture.

I’m glad I made the hot trek to the Distillery for Open Studios, I knew it was somewhere I needed to check out, I just didn’t know quite how full of life it would be!

Art Radar – June 3 – 9

Wednesday June 5

When: June 5 @ 7pm
Location: Lucy Parsons-Center, 358A Centre St Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Thursday June 6

A Posteriori: An Alternative Photographic Process Group Exhibition
When: Opens June 6, 6 – 7 pm
Location: Aviary Gallery, 48 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Exposure 2013: The PRC’s annual juried exhibition
When: Opening June 6, 6:30 – 8 pm
Location: The Photographic Resource Center (PRC), 832 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Friday June 7

We Are Family Artist Reception
When: Opening June 7, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Location: The Darkroom Gallery, 12 Main Street, Essex Junction, VT

(I know, I know, it’s not it Boston, but I’ve got work in the show, so it’s where I’ll be Friday night!)

It’s First Fridays!
When: June 7, 5:30 – 8:30ish pm
Location: SOWA Galleries, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA