The Foundry Equation: Solution Set – An Art Initiative and Open House – June 22nd

A string installation by New American Public Art

A string installation by New American Public Art

The Foundry building has been sitting empty and the time has come for the City of Cambridge to decide its new use. This past Saturday, the City allowed local artists to hold an event to explore the possibility of using the Foundry as a public art space rather than selling it to a commercial buyer. The event offered the chance for local artists to show the city what they can offer and the crowd they can pull in, while also allowing fellow artists and community members to see the space being discussed and sign a petition to the city in favor of maintaing the building as a public art space.

I dashed over to The Foundry over my 1/2 lunch break from work down the street so I couldn’t stay long, but I was impressed by what I saw. Art Groups and Artists from accross Boston including The Lilypad, The Hallway Gallery, The Blanc Gallery, Voltage Coffee, and many more joined together to make the event happen in less than a week. Music and art filled the expansive central space and transformed the outer offices into galleries.

"On the Floor and Dreaming" by Jess Anderson

“On the Floor and Dreaming”
by Jess Anderson

I especially enjoyed the way Jess Anderson’s sculptural installation repurposed a former office space.

"Mecomorph" by Victor Genel

“Mecomorph” by Victor Genel

Victor Genel‘s sculture was created completely from folded business cards.

The Foundry Equation had an air of excitement and potential throughout  – a 10,000 sq ft public art space in the heart of Cambridge would be exciting indeed.

Learn more about the Foundry Equation here and sign the petition here.

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