Art Radar – July 30 – Aug 5

Tuesday July 30

Papel Machete: A Night of Radical Puppetry
When: July 30, 7 – 8:30pm
Location: Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, 85 W. Newton St, Boston, MA

Wednesday July 31

When: July 31, 8pm, $4 donation
Location: MassArt, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA

Deadline! One-minute Film Fest Call for Films by Gallery 263

Thursday Aug 1

It’s First Thursdays in Jamaica Plain!

Near Than Far, Near Then Far: New Work by Quinn Gorbutt
When: Opening Aug 1
Location: Aviary Gallery, 48 South St, Jamaica Plain, MA

Jeff Roberts: Surfaces
When: Reception Aug 1, 6 – 8pm, On view July 18 – Aug 18
Location: Uforge Gallery, 767 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA

Friday Aug 2

It’s First Fridays!
When: Aug 2, 5ish – 8:30ish
Location: SOWA, 450 Harrison St, Boston, MA

Slummer Camp – When 3 artists camp out in a gallery, anything could happen…
When: Reception Aug 2, 7 – 9pm
Location: The Distillery, 516 E 2nd St, Boston, MA

Carousel Slideshow IV – July 18

Left: Fabiola Menchelli, Right: Lindsay Metivier

Left: Fabiola Menchelli, Right: Lindsay Metivier

Carousel Slideshow (formerly known as All Visual Boston) put on its fourth slideshow this past Thursday night at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain. Trevor Powers organized the first slideshow a few years ago as a spinoff of All Visual LA and when he moved to Texas, Aviary Gallery decided to carry on the tradition. Different from a traditional photo exhibition, Carousel is a one night event that brings artists together, not only to take in some stunning photography, but also to network and discover new artistic connections. Since Carousel is digitally projected, the featured artists don’t need to pay to print or frame their work, a welcome reprieve from the expenses of displaying artwork. It also offers a chance for artists to show work that might be so new it hasn’t yet found its way into print form.

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Katie James: Sewing Machines @ Aviary Gallery

"Singer" by Katie James

“Singer” by Katie James

“Katie James: Sewing Machines” features all new paintings by Katie James of vintage sewing machines. Done in gouache and pencil on paper, each painting is incredibly precise and photorealistic without losing the charm and personality of a handmade work. James’ writes in her artist statement, “I sit in down in front of something better made and more functional than you could possibly get today, and just try to do it justice.” She artfully balances form and function, memorializing an era, while creating artwork that is still very fresh and new.

Left: "Riccar" , Right: "Spencer" by Katie James

Left: “Riccar” , Right: “Spencer” by Katie James

James’ sewing machine subjects are displayed along with the paintings in the gallery. Not paired directly beneath, but scattered about the gallery tables and in the front window, the machines feel at home in the Aviary’s comfortable setting. Even when inspected side-by-side neither the machine nor the painting diminishes – each stands alone as an art object and enter into conversation when viewed together.

Sewing machines inhabiting the Aviary Gallery

Sewing machines inhabiting the Aviary Gallery

James is selling the each painting with the sewing machine it’s of as a *very reasonably priced* pair.

“Katie James: Sewing Machines” is only up at the Aviary Gallery until July 28th, so hurry over before the show comes down!


See More of Katie James’ work here.

Learn more about the Aviary Gallery here.


Art Radar – July 24 – 30

Wednesday July 24

Radical Film Night: The Truth About Fidel Castro
When: July 24, 7pm
Location: Lucy Parsons Center, 358A Centre Street, Boston, MA

SUMMER MASSART FILM SOCIETY presents FAT FEET FLY, w/ the works of Yoko Ono, Richard Serra, Red Grooms & Mimi Gross, Carolee Schneemann, and Vito Acconci.
When: July 24, 8pm
Location: MassArt, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

Thursday July 25

Ray Salter: Portraits
When: Opens July 25, 5-7pm
Location: Gateway Arts, 62 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA

Seven: A Performative Drawing Project: David Teng Olsen
When: Reception Thursday July 25, 4-6pm, Artist Talk 4:30pm, Show up  7/22 – 7/26
Location: Montserrat College of Art, Montserrat Gallery, 23 Essex Street, Beverly, MA

Friday July 26

Panel Discussion: Fail Better: A Salon on Works-in Progress
When: July 26, 6-8pm, free
Location: Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA

Saturday July 27

FIGMENT Boston: an annual participatory art festival
When: 7/27: 11am—11pm | 8/28: 12—6pm / Free
Location: The Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston MA

8th Annual Boston Young Contemporaries
When: Opens July 27, 4 – 6pm, On view July 17 – Aug 24
Location: Boston University, 808 Gallery, 808 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Art in the Park: The first biennial and fifth year celebration of large-scale sculptures, artists, friends, families, and community in historic Elm Park
When: July 27, 5-8pm, Rain date July 28
Location: Elm Park, 284 Highland Street, Worcester, MA

Cut into Time III – Poetry Series: featuring renowned poet, critic, publisher and multimedia artist George Quasha and poet, editor, and translator Ricardo Cázares from Mexico
When: July 27, 8pm, $10 donation
Location: Mobius, 55 Norfolk St, Cambridge, MA

Sunday July 29

Last day to see Shakespeare on the Commons!

Tuesday July 30

Considering the Future: A Discussion with Andi Sutton
When: July 30, 3pm, free with Admission
Location: deCordova Sculpture Park, 51 Sandy Pond Road, Lincoln, MA


Art Radar – July 16 – 22

Wednesday July 17

Sound Electronics July: Deniz özçelik & William David Mayo
When: July 17, 9pm
Location: Aviary Gallery, 48 South St, Jamaica Plain, MA

Thursday July 18

Carousel Slideshow (Formerly All Visual Boston) ***This is where I’ll Be!***
When: July 18, 7 – 10pm
Location: Aviary Gallery, 48 South St, Jamaica Plain, MA

!Revolución! IBA’s 45 Years of Victory!
When: RECEPCIÓN DE APERTURA: jueves, 18 de julio, 5-8PM | EN EXHIBICIÓN: 18 de julio – 24 de agosto, 2013 | RECEPCIÓN DE CLAUSURA: viernes, 23 de agosto, 6-8PM
Location: IBA, 85W. Newton St, Boston, MA

Seven: A Performative Drawing Project: Autumn Ahn
When: Reception Thursday July 18, 4-6pm, Artist Talk 4:30pm, Show up 7/15 – 7/19
Location: Montserrat College of Art, Montserrat Gallery, 23 Essex Street, Beverly, MA

9th Juried Photography Exhibition
When: Opening July 18, 7-8:30pm / Adults, $7 | Seniors $3
Location: Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Road, Winchester, MA

Friday July 19

Low-Residency MFA Program Summer Lecture Series: Paul Stopforth
When: July 19, 12:30 – 1:30pm
Location: MassArt, Kennedy Bldg 280a, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston

Performance: Pedro Reyes, Pharmasphere
When: July 19, 7 – 8pm, free with admission
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, MA

Art Beat!
When: Friday night & Saturday
Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Saturday July 20

Art Beat!
When: Friday night & Saturday
Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

ARTCRANK, International Poster Design Show
When: July 20, 5 – 11pm
Location: Fourth Wall Project, 132 Brookline Ave, Boston , MA

Daniel DeLuca Live-Work/Shop
When: July 20, 6pm
Location: Blanc Gallery, 110 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA


Performing on Paper @ Mobius – July 14

Mobius hosted a unique performance and drawing event this Sunday from 12-5. I Arrived around 2, so I missed the first performer, El Putnam, therefore my writeup will focus on Performance Artist, Syed Zaman, who performed “Love is Black” with Singer/Songwriter, Jennifer Matthews.

Mobius is a small venue, so the performance was intimate, with less than ten audience members. Viewers were encouraged to create drawings in response to the performance in progress. I’m used to simply observing or taking photos of performances, which always seems to require a slight, if momentary, mental and physical distancing from the performance to raise the camera and take the photo. Drawing in response to the performance on the other hand proved to be engaging through allowing viewers to express their responses to the action rather simply trying to document.

The performance began even while Zaman and Matthews were still setting up for the “official” performance – as each new item was added to and rearranged in the performance space, it became a part of the catalogue of physical elements that would shape the coming performance.

Drawing by Alex Taylor

Drawing by Alex Taylor

The performance officially began as Matthews began to play her guitar and Zaman climbed on a chair, wrapped himself in black fabric, and began to make charcoal marks on the paper tacked to the wall and floor.

Performance by Syed Zaman and Jennifer Matthews

Performance by Syed Zaman and Jennifer Matthews

As Zaman bent and twisted his body, creating an ever shifting net of cloth and string and charcoal, Matthews wove her voice into the web. Together they used shifts of musical motif and artistic media to create a flow of vignettes exploring the color and feeling of love. Black string became black cloth, became charcoal, became black paint, became red tissue paper, became red ink, became red string.

Performance by Syed Zaman and Jennifer Matthews

Performance by Syed Zaman and Jennifer Matthews

It was an interesting challenge to attempt to capture even a moment of the swiftly changing scene, my leisurely cataloging of the set-up process

Drawing by Suzi Grossman

Drawing by Suzi Grossman

gave way to form studies,

Drawings by Suzi Grossman

Drawings by Suzi Grossman

gave way to frantic explorations of line and space,

Left: by Suzi Grossman, Right: by Alex Taylor

Left: by Suzi Grossman, Right: by Alex Taylor

and finally re-formed into a representative moment.

Drawing by Suzi Grossman

Drawing by Suzi Grossman

A challenge, a way to focus, a fun afternoon – I highly recommend that you all try drawing to performance art ASAP.

More selections from drawing responses:

Drawings by Marcus Graly

Drawings by Marcus Graly

Drawings by Alex Taylor

Drawings by Alex Taylor

Drawings by Alex Taylor

Drawings by Alex Taylor

More about Mobius here.

Mobius on Facebook here.

More about Performing on Paper here.

Art Radar – July 9 – 15


Wednesday July 10

Create the Vote
Join us to learn what you can do to make sure that both the Mayoral candidates and Boston voters make arts and culture one of their priorities.
When: July 10, 5 – 7pm
Location: Cyclorama – Boston Center for the Arts, 543-547 Tremont St, Boston

 Thursday July 11

Seven: A Performative Drawing ProjectJohn Gonzalez 
When: Reception Thursday July 11, 4-6pm, Artist Talk 4:30pm, Show up 7/8 – 7/12.
Location: Montserrat College of Art, Montserrat Gallery, 23 Essex Street, Beverly, MA

The Last MFA Thesis Show
When: July 11, 5:30 – 8pm
Location: The Grossman Gallery, SMFA, 230 The Fenway, Boston, MA

Sewing Machines: New Paintings by Katie James
When: July 11, Reception & Performance 6 – 9pm, Show up: July 3 – 28
Location: Aviary Gallery, 48 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Pot Luck: July Group Show
When: Reception July 11, 6 – 8pm, On View July 5 – 28
Location: Uforge Gallery, 767 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Friday July 12

23rd Drawing Show: Drawing Connections
When: Reception July 12, 6 – 8pm, On View, July 12 – Sep 22
Location: Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, 551 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

When: Reception Friday 12, 7 – 10pm, On View July 12 – 20
Location: Anthony Greaney, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

Battles: New Paintings By: Alex Sewell, Mike Christie, Scott Barry, And Alexander Giavis
When: Reception July 12, 6 – 8pm, On View July 12 – 19
Location: Fourthwall Project, 132 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA

Sell To the State: Free Workshop for Creative Businesses who want to learn to business with the Commonwealth
When: Friday July 12, 9:30am – 12:30pm, FREE
Location: One Ashburton Place, 21st Floor, Conference Room 1, Boston, MA 02108

Saturday July 13

Outside the Box: A Free 9 Day Performing Arts Festival
When: July 13 – 21
Schedule Here

Sunday July 14

Performing on Paper
A unique way to draw: to respond to live performance art. Draw the whole time or come and go as you wish.
When: July 14, 2-4:30pm / $10 suggested donation
El Putnam will perform: 12-2pm, Syed Zaman who will improvise with movement & music: 2-4:30pm
Location: Mobius, 55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge

Monday July 15

Deadline! Last day to submit to PDN’s Object of Desire Photo Contest

Deadline! Last day to submit to The Danforth Art Museum’s New England Photography Biennial

First Fridays Wrap Up – July 5

A few highlights from a hot and humid First Friday at 450 Harrison:


Cobi Moules – “Playing With Myself, Again” @ Carroll and Sons Gallery

A few of Cobi Moules’ self-portraits were hanging up in the back gallery the first time I ever visited Carroll and Sons and I was very happy to see Moules’ work there again, this time filling the main gallery.

"Untitled (6-7-12)" by Cobi Moules

“Untitled (6-7-12)” by Cobi Moules

The show winds together four different projects. Most immediately striking are the slightly larger than life self-portraits that Moules has been painting periodically since 2009. The self-portraits create a visual chronicle, most directly of his gender transition, but also of his painting style and maturity.  Interwoven with the 30″x40″ portraits are smaller canvases on which Moules has created sylvan tableaus featuring a cast of Cobi clones. The picturesque but surreal images recall Anthony Goicolea’s photo composite scenes of himself roleplaying adolescent queer narratives, but Moules carefully paints where Goicolea Photoshops and the scenes are less obviously queer, focusing more on a communal exploration of nature.

by Cobi Moules

by Cobi Moules

Shrinking even further, Moules abstracts his painted selves from nature and lets the tiny figures tumble together, collaged onto a blank paper void.

by Cobi Moules

by Cobi Moules

Moules’ show combines pristine painting technique with rich exploration of self-identity and engages the viewer in the process of carefully inspecting each painting. Moules invites the viewer to look for subtle differences between many versions of the same person, but leaves the question open as to what the many divisions of self add up to. I look forward to more work from Moules in the years to come.


Phil Fryer and Tom Maio – “EPOCH” @ Anthony Greaney 

The ever-engaging Anthony Greaney featured duel performances by Phil Fryer and Tom Maio going on throughout the evening on Friday. I missed Maio, but caught Fryer’s Patriotic themed performance, involving a red dress, blue and red paint, a keyboard, and a projection of a bed.

Phil Fryer performing

Phil Fryer performing


Linda Leslie Brown – “Chimeric” @ Kingston Gallery

Brown’s installation transforms Kingston Gallery into a forest sculpture, strings of moss linking together twisting metal towers.

“Chimeric” by Linda Leslie Brown

I enjoyed ducking in amongst the different sections to inspect the pale green sculptures that almost resolve into recognizable forms before the resemblance dissolves.

"Chimeric" by Linda Leslie

“Chimeric” by Linda Leslie Brown



Art Radar – July 2 – 8

Friday July 5

It’s First Fridays!
When: July 5, 5 – 8pm
Location: SOWA, 450 Harrison, Boston, MA

EPOCH: Performances by: Tom Maio and Philip Fryer
When: July 5, 6pm
Location: Anthony Greaney Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., No. 1, Boston, MA.

Saturday July 6

When: July 6, Opening 6 – 11pm
Location: Blanc Gallery, 110 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA