Katie James: Sewing Machines @ Aviary Gallery

"Singer" by Katie James

“Singer” by Katie James

“Katie James: Sewing Machines” features all new paintings by Katie James of vintage sewing machines. Done in gouache and pencil on paper, each painting is incredibly precise and photorealistic without losing the charm and personality of a handmade work. James’ writes in her artist statement, “I sit in down in front of something better made and more functional than you could possibly get today, and just try to do it justice.” She artfully balances form and function, memorializing an era, while creating artwork that is still very fresh and new.

Left: "Riccar" , Right: "Spencer" by Katie James

Left: “Riccar” , Right: “Spencer” by Katie James

James’ sewing machine subjects are displayed along with the paintings in the gallery. Not paired directly beneath, but scattered about the gallery tables and in the front window, the machines feel at home in the Aviary’s comfortable setting. Even when inspected side-by-side neither the machine nor the painting diminishes – each stands alone as an art object and enter into conversation when viewed together.

Sewing machines inhabiting the Aviary Gallery

Sewing machines inhabiting the Aviary Gallery

James is selling the each painting with the sewing machine it’s of as a *very reasonably priced* pair.

“Katie James: Sewing Machines” is only up at the Aviary Gallery until July 28th, so hurry over before the show comes down!


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