Roberta Smith & Jerry Saltz @ BU

Did you catch Roberta Smith and Jerry Saltz speaking at the BU School of Visual Arts Monday night? The room was packed and buzzed with excitement. I came away with much to think about, both as an artist and as an art writer, and how I fit into that model. @BigRedandShiny live-tweeted the event, so head over to their feed for a full recap, but I thought I’d leave you with just a few of my favorite gems that came out of the talk:

Jerry Saltz: “Art first, all else will follow”

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“Fun-A-Day” @ Voltage Coffee and Art

"Kitchen Painting-A-Day" by Debbie Shirley

“Kitchen Painting-A-Day” by Debbie Shirley

I had an awesome time at the opening reception of “Fun-A-Day” this past Friday.  I learned about Fun-A-Day last year when I attended the 2013 pop-up show (Read my write-up Here) and this year I created my own project.  Wendi Wing started the Boston branch of Fun-A-Day as a way to meet fellow artists when she first moved to Boston. Fun-A-Day takes place every January when when artists are invited to pick a fun creative project that they work on for the duration of the month. Over several years, the project has evolved and grown in scale, with the current exhibition including the projects of 29 different artists. Continue reading