“Love Shack” @ The Nave Gallery Annex

"The Love Bug" by Len Haug

“The Love Bug” by Len Haug

“Love Shack,” juried by Bill Kouwenhoven, is flirty, fun, and sophisticated.  Although it opened on Valentine’s Day, “Love Shack” strays away from a saccharine portrayal of love and displays love’s more complex side.

Left: "Breath of Girl" by Natsuko Hattori, Right: "Three Strawberries" by Anne Alexander

Left: “Breath of Girl” by Natsuko Hattori, Right: “Three Strawberries” by Anne Alexander

At times love is voluptuous. Natsuko Hattori and Anne Alexander’s sculptures are body-like and alive with texture.

"Comfort vs. Discomfort" by Christoff Colon

“Comfort vs. Discomfort” by Christoff Colon

Other times it is painful, as in Christoff Colon’s sculpture, “Comfort vs. Discomfort,” a wooden table as figure standing in a mass of crushed glass.

"Give Me A Break" by Lauren Leone

“Give Me A Break” by Lauren Leone

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Lauren Leone uses embroidery to beg love to “Give Me A Break.” Her sparse imagery and specific language lend weight and wit to a the tragicomedy of the outlined relationship.

"The Handsome Stranger Chair" by Holly Czapski

“The Handsome Stranger Chair” by Holly Czapski

Holly Czapski turns a handsome stranger into a chair in her sculpture, capturing him for perusal, but never quite giving up his identity.

IMG_0847 copy

“Search and Embrace” by Bill Tarlin

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And of course, love conquers all. Bill Tarlin replaces key words in an online article to create “Search and Embrace,” a rosier picture of methods for fighting terrorism.

Up till March 1st, “Love Shack” is colorful and satisfying, leaving you with both smirks and smiles.


Read more about the show and the Nave Gallery Annex Here.

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  1. Dear Suzi, You comment about my Strawberries, was right on target. My work is about nature, the body, texture and rounded organic form. Thanks for noticing.

  2. You can be updated about where I’m showing what I’m working on “Anne Alexander Sculptor” facebook page.

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