Recto Verso @ Howard Art Project

"It Was Very Generous of You to Hold a Funeral for Me" by Duy Hoang

“It Was Very Generous of You to Hold a Funeral for Me” by Duy Hoang

Friday night found me hopping shows once again. I started at the Howard Art Project for the opening of Recto Verso and then headed over to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts to check out Grad Open Studios.

Recto Verso, curated by Charlie Crowell, demands that the viewer take on different perspectives when viewing the show. Sculptures divide up the gallery space into unusual shapes.

"s" by Charlie Crowell

“s” by Charlie Crowell

“s” by Charlie Crowell, for example, creates a narrow passage that the viewer must enter into in order to see the other artworks hung behind it. I say behind, but none of the sculptures in the show have a definite front or back.

"Pizza Box MacPro" by Gordon Holden

“Pizza Box MacPro” by Gordon Holden

Gordon Holden plays with some well-known objects in “Pizza Box MacPro,” mashing up colors and symbols with unexpected forms.

"Ulysses Contract" by Duy Hoang

“Ulysses Contract” by Duy Hoang

My favorite pieces in the show were the sculpture contraptions by Duy Hoang. (Pictured above and at top of page). Hoang uses ropes and pulleys to connect and suspend furniture, building materials, and plants. The sculptures are static, but visually dynamic, irregular, yet precise.

Recto Verso is on view at the Howard Art Project until March 21.


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