Annual Photo Area Exhibition @ SMFA

"Bittersweet Birthday" by Madeline Muhlberg

“Bittersweet Birthday” by Madeline Muhlberg

I always love checking out the Photo Annual at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I graduated a couple years ago, so the number of faces I recognize is dwindling, but the quality of the work never disappoints. The show starts in the school’s main atrium, ducks into the BAG gallery, and then winds around the corner and down the hallways towards Admissions. With so many photo students showing work, the many photos can’t be contained by on only a few walls. The show doesn’t have an overarching subject, but rather is organized loosely by theme.

The Atrium houses constructed Nature

Left: "Before Preservation" by Nate Grossman, Right: "United States Botanical Garden" by Nate Grossman

Left: “Before Preservation” by Nate Grossman, Right: “United States Botanical Garden” by Nate Grossman

"The Arrival" by Cassandra Klos

“The Arrival” by Cassandra Klos

and takes a look at homes and families.

"Untitled #2" by Lindsay Baer

“Untitled #2” by Lindsay Baer

The BAG gallery looks at bodies.

"Without Limits" by Mike Uribe

“Without Limits” by Mike Uribe

The Admissions hallway features some photos that interrogate the medium of photography itself

"Untitled" by Nicholas Schoeder

“Untitled” by Nicholas Schoeder

Left: "Antiportrait 3" by Mae Stark, Center: "Eileen Wang" by Jung-Hyun (June) Kim, Right: "Still Life - Sensual" by Clara Hyun-Young Lee

Left: “Antiportrait 3” by Mae Stark, Center: “Eileen Wang” by Jung-Hyun (June) Kim, Right: “Still Life – Sensual” by Clara Hyun-Young Lee

"Sugarloaf" by Elsa Brightling

“Sugarloaf” by Elsa Brightling

and wraps up with some documentary style environments.

"Greenleaf 3" by Alex Goldman

“Greenleaf 3” by Alex Goldman

"Revere Hull, MA" by Aaron Bourque

“Revere Hull, MA” by Aaron Bourque

"Manhunt Mansion, Living Room" by Emil Cohen

“Manhunt Mansion, Living Room” by Emil Cohen

If you’ve seen the SMFA Photo Annual, and you’re looking for even more excellent student photography, check out the MassArt All School Show – Photography & Sculpture on Apr 3, 7 – 10pm.

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