Eric Stefanski

Eric Stefanski

I had the opportunity to be a part of a great show called “Interface” this past weekend. “Interface” was curated by Elaine Sun, a student at Tufts University and current intern at the Samsøn Projects Gallery. The show features artworks that use both new and traditional media to explore the nature of relationships in the Post-Digital Age. The show opened at 4 Warner St in Somerville on May 3rd and is on view by appointment this week.

Participating Artists:

Bunny Rogers
Carlos Jimenez Cahua
Eric Stefanski
Katrina Majkut
Gabby Bess
Joel Seidner
Hisaya Ishii (Paul)
Suzi Grossman
Coorain Devin
Conan Lai

"Anologue Hologram" by Joel Seidner

“Analogue Hologram” by Joel Seidner

"EXTS 4/4/2006 - 5/7/2011" and "The Ballad of Ambiguously Platonic Relationships" by Suzi Grossman

“TEXTS 4/4/2006 – 5/7/2011” and “The Ballad of Ambiguously Platonic Relationships” by Suzi Grossman

"MBTI coloring pages" by Bunny Rogers

“MBTI coloring pages” by Bunny Rogers

Check out Elaine Sun’s excellent Curator’s Statement Here

Check out more photos of the opening Here



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