Coveted Shadows @ UnchARTed Gallery

I swung by the UnchARTed Gallery in Lowell this week to check out Anthony Grassetti’s show, “Coveted Shadows: Redux.” Grassetti’s work showcases his talent for fashion photography, highlighting his control over light and style. His image above, “Dawn,” is a collaboration with Thom Solo Shoes.


LEFT: “Emphysema Menthol One-Hundreds”, RIGHT: “The Valley of the Uncanny”

Grassetti plays with blurring the lines of gender and the lines of the uncanny. His models blend performance and drag, leaving the viewer unsettled and intrigued.

The Fall I, II, III

The Fall I, II, III

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Grassetti’s strongest work however, blends his high fashion style with high concept in a twisted retelling of The Fall. Grassetti seeks to alter the gender essentialism of The Fall by recasting Adam and Eve as intersexed individuals, highlighting the faults of human nature over the faults of male or female gender.

“Coveted Shadows” is on view until July 20th. You can see more of Anthony Grassetti’s work at

UnchARTed Gallery 
66 Merrimack St. 
LowellMA 01852 
(978) 996-2886

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