SMFA Senior Thesis Show – May 17 – 21

I unfortunately didn’t get this review together before the show came down, but I’m just going to trust that accolades and opinions are appreciated even when late.

I was very impressed by this year’s Senior Thesis Show, “KEEP IT TOGETHER.” True to its name, the show was consolidated to a single floor of the school and the length of the show was shortened from previous years. These changes combined with some impressive student work helped the show feel more cohesive and curated than in years past. Here are just a few standout highlights:

"Periplus" by Sarah Danly

“Periplus” by Sarah Danly

From the delicate decal transfers to the effortlessly spindly stands, Sarah Danly‘s islands float between the pre-longitudinal and the post-Google Earth world, inviting gallery viewers to contemplate the changing identities of islands as mapping techniques advance over time.

Excerpts from"Natural Mirror" by Eduardo Restrepo

Excerpts from”Natural Mirror” by Eduardo Restrepo

Eduardo Restrepo exhibited a circle of five televisions, each playing a short, repeated, slowmotion clip of the artist with his head underwater in different bodies of water. Viewed from within the circle of TV’s, the video installation is quite striking. Each moving image is almost reminiscent of a GIF, featuring slowly waving legs and gently rippling waves. Restrepo successfully combines the accessibility of low-tech with drama of performance and the result is nothing short of elegant.

16mm film loop by Miro Hoffman

16mm film loop by Miro Hoffman

Miro Hoffman’s 16mm film loops were simply incredible. Hoffman’s work filled an entire room, each piece composed of a complicated film roller system as much as the resulting projection itself. The projections were both technically masterful and conceptually powerful, a very mature body of work.

"Coexistence" by James Traggianese

“Coexistence” by James Traggianese

James Traggianese’s sculptures bring digital space into the physical world using projection flat screens, checkerboard scrolls, and repurposed technology. His sculptures are funny and smart, letting us both laugh at and appreciate our addition to technology.

"Products and Produce" by Salad

“Products and Produce” by Salad

The Salad magazine collective created an awesome installation/store/living room experience for the thesis show. The freestanding room was decked out it custom wallpaper, screenprints, and issues of Salad Magazine. Bags, magazines, stickers, and even Salad water was for sale and visiters were encouraged to sit down and spend some time in the fun space.

"Repeating Histories" by Ryan Hawk

“Repeating Histories” by Ryan Hawk

I finished my tour of the show with Ryan Hawk’s arresting video performance installation. Hawk’s installation bridged the space between performance, video, and sculpture, isolating the projection and reflection from the rest of the room for a more focused viewing experience.

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