Art in Bloom @ The MFA – April 27-29

Art in Bloom is one of my favorite annual events at the MFA. The show only lasts three days, so one of the downsides is the crowds and entitled-acting tour groups one has to peer around to actually see the flowers. But once the tours move along, they reveal stunning flower arrangements created in response to different works of art in the museum’s collection. This year, my far and away favorite was  New Leaf Flores’ response to the green Chihuly in the main atrium. In truth, it was more of a sculpture in it’s own right, than a demure floral response a pre-existing work. Neon orange bamboo created a free-standing arch large enough for multiple people to stand beneath it. The network of bamboo was punctuated by palm fronds and two enormous starbursts formed from large leaves and flowers. Although we visited on different days, my friend Gaia and I had the exact same response to the sculpture:


Suzi's reaction to Art in Bloom

Suzi’s reaction to Art in Bloom


Gaia's Reaction to Art in Bloom

Gaia’s Reaction to Art in Bloom


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2 comments to Art in Bloom @ The MFA – April 27-29

  1. Han says:

    Haha, Suzi! You are moving so deep in Art, I cannot catch up with you!

    • SuziGro says:

      Good to hear from you Han! I guess I’ve changed some since I was the Chemist you knew in Beloit, huh? Haha just kidding, still me! 🙂

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