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Since I can’t rightly review a show I curated myself, I offer you Aviary Gallery’s press release and images from the show:

“Aviary Gallery is pleased to announce: Selections From Carousel, a group show organized and curated by Lindsay Metivier and Suzi Grossman. Carousel IV, a digitally projected slideshow of photographic works, took place on July 18, 2013. The slideshow is a format that brings many people together and gives photographers a way to show new work in a unique environment without many of the logistic hurdles normally associated with juried exhibitions. As an extension of the earlier Carousel event, the gallery is presenting a curated selection of the works included in July’s slideshow in a month-long gallery exhibition. In taking works from the screen and giving them a physical form it offers the images the opportunity for a slower read and gives viewers a more physical experience.

As before, one of the goals of the Carousel exhibition is to provide a litmus test for what is currently happening and being created in today’s art world. By favoring inclusivity we hope to emphasize the variety and also the quality of work being made and the multivalence of artistic inquiry. Selections from Carousel brings together a diverse and talented group of photographers, both local and international, to form an exciting survey of contemporary photography.”








But don’t take my word for it! These photos are beautiful in person and “Selections from Carousel” is on view at the Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain through Nov 30th.

Participating artists:

Anthony Baron
Rachel Bedet
Megan Bigelow
Dan Boardman
Aaron John Bourque
Alejandra Carles-Tolra
Matthew Cronin
Skye Del Viscio
Shawna Gibbs
Shane Godfrey
Stephanie Goode
Jodie Mim Goodnough
Quinn Gorbutt
Suzi Grossman
Phil Jung
Sila King
Cassandra Klos
Shane Lavalette
Brittany Marcoux
Fabiola Menchelli
Lindsay Metivier
Noritaka Minami
Caitie Moore
Zachary Dean Norman
Steven Paneccasio
Laura Beth Reese
Renee Ricciardi
Eric Ruby
Jason Shechtman
J. Shia
Chelsea Welsh
Jaclyn Wright

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