yBos 2 @ the Harbor Gallery

"Untitled (Mom waiting in car in mid November)" by Genesis Baez

“Untitled (Mom waiting in car in mid November)” by Genesis Baez

“yBos 2” stands for Young Boston Artists 2 and is the UMass Boston Harbor Gallery’s second annual exhibition of art by artists in or recently graduated from undergraduate programs.  yBos, organized by Kevin Benisvy, recognizes a lack of venues that show the work of emerging artists in Boston and a lack of exposure even at the venues that do show emerging artists. As my readers know, this is an issue near and dear to my heart and the reason for this blog’s creation, so I was thrilled to be included in the yBos show for a second time.

The Harbor Gallery states that, “yBos seeks to provide the best young local artists with exposure and support and ongoing dialogue on the work of young artists with the established art community.” This aim is exemplified in the choice of the show’s jurors: Meredith Hoy, curator and professor of contemporary art at University of Massachusetts Boston; Jarrett Min Davis, a painter and foundations professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design; and Leah Triplett, an editor for the local art blog and journal, Big Red & Shiny. A number of the jurors from both this year and the previous year’s show attended the Opening Reception held on November 15, offering the exhibited artists an opportunity to enter into dialogue with working artists and art professionals they might not otherwise come into contact with. I applaud the Harbor Gallery and yBos’s mission and invite you all to take the time not only to view the show in person, but also to explore the exhibited artists’ websites.

This year’s show includes the work of 18 talented artists in or recently graduated from undergraduate programs in the greater Boston area.

Exhibited Artists: Genesis Báez, Molly Blumberg, Lindsay Chapin, Charles Crowell, Leeann Davignon, Corey Dunlap, Jillian Germaine Freyer, Nate Grossman, Suzi Grossman, Shana Harden, Lauren Hayes, Duy Hoang, Daniel Roth, Eileen Ryan, Minhae Shim, Olivia Stanislas, Jessica Tawczynski, and Caterina Urrata.

The show will be on view at the Harbor Gallery through December 13th.

"Until Every Shape Has Found its City" by Molly Blumberg

“Until Every Shape Has Found its City” by Molly Blumberg

"Native Views" by Lindsay Chapin

“Native Views” by Lindsay Chapin

"Untitled #23" by Charles Crowell

“Untitled #23” by Charles Crowell

"Creep 1" by Leeann Davignon

“Creep 1” by Leeann Davignon

"Flex" by Corey Dunlap

“Flex” by Corey Dunlap

"Velveteen" by Jillian Germaine Freyer

“Velveteen” by Jillian Germaine Freyer

"The White Wolf" by Nate Grossman

“The White Wolf” by Nate Grossman

"The Treehouse" by Suzi Grossman (That's me!)

“The Treehouse” by Suzi Grossman (That’s me!)

"Chew the Fat" by Shana Harden

“Chew the Fat” by Shana Harden

"Blown Away," "7 Sheets to the Wind," "3 Sheets to the Wind" by Lauren Hayes

“Blown Away,” “7 Sheets to the Wind,” “3 Sheets to the Wind” by Lauren Hayes

"Up Over the Nightcrawler's Hill" by Duy Hoang

“Up Over the Nightcrawler’s Hill” by Duy Hoang

Video Still from "Color Theory" by Minhae Shim and Daniel Roth

Video Still from “Color Theory” by Minhae Shim and Daniel Roth

"Downloading" by Eileen Ryan

“Downloading” by Eileen Ryan

"Activated" by Jessica Tawczynski

“Activated” by Jessica Tawczynski

"Swing" by Caterina Urrata

“Swing” by Caterina Urrata

"Kelimutu Dysfunction" by Olivia Stanislas

“Kelimutu Dysfunction” by Olivia Stanislas

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